Book Review: Too Good To be True by Kristan Higgins

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After several weeks hiatus from books (which meant that I couldn’t find books good enough to keep me reading like crazy from my three inch touchsreen but cheap cellphone—yes, I am that poor or clever actually, whatever—I thought that I have to go back to the track. Really, not reading a good novel is worse that not reading anything. I know I should’ve bought some national geographic, etc, to get some good information for my sleepy brain, but come on, its holiday, even for students and workers. So I opened RITA awards website and started to search some good writers with delicious, recommended title books (sometimes I chose the cheesiest title books, you know, I just can’t help it. In my defense, I am a woman—this will explain everything). Then, I find about Kristan Higgins and her RITA Awards Too Good to Be True book.

I started reading the book halfheartedly. Just like I said, I love books, but at the time I just not really into books. Since I was bored, I kept reading for several page, and several pages more and without I realized it, I finished the book. Less than a day, if I am allowed to boast. I have to say that now Higgins is one of my favorite. The book is smart, witty, fast paced, funny, but touching in several parts (not too much, which is good for me, but made me remember about my own beloved family and how important they are for me).

Well, let me give some short tour to the book. I introduce you to Grace Emerson. She’s desperate. Her fiancĂ© just dumped her for her perfect younger sister, Natalie. Everybody in her family pitying her and it drives her crazy. She needs drastic measures to keep everyone from obsessing too much in her (lack) love life. Grace finally announces that she’s currently seeing somebody else. Somebody oh-so-perfect, but completely made up.

But, exactly who is Mr. Perfect for Grace? Grace only know that he’s not her new neighbor—Callahan O’Shea. Oh, Cal is very good looking, with nice body and sharp sense of humor, but unfortunately he’s an ex con. He was served in prison for nineteen months for embezzlement. No, he’s definitely not Mr. Perfect for Grace. Even her dog hates him. But why does Mr. Wrong feel so right for her?

I will not spoiled the book any further, you have to read it yourself to enjoy it. Anyway, what I love about this book are the sympathetic characters—both Grace and Cal are not perfect people, but they are trying to do their best for people around them, and later for themselves, the dialogues are smart, it has the depth with its relationship, family and love issues. Too Good To Be True is definitely a-must-reading book, especially for those who love romance books or at least an easy reading. I am not really sure whether the book already translated in Indonesian or not, but try to search it in your favorite bookstore. The book is worth it (but please, no bashing if you don’t like it).

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